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Real deal, not show

Xinhua The world's first import-themed national-level expo will be a concrete action to open up China's market and cast a firm vote of confidence in free trade when protectionism threatens global growth.

All eyes on China's poverty relief achievements

Xinhua What's behind China's stunning achievement of lifting 68.53 million people out of poverty in five years? Is there anything that other countries can learn from China's fight against poverty?

Wall slogans in rural villages narrate 40 years of change

Xinhua Roaming around in the countryside of central China's Henan Province, one is surely to be greeted by slogans painted on village walls.

China ready to host world's 1st import expo

Xinhua With a one-week countdown to its first import expo, China stands ready to present the world with a grand gathering of goods and better thoughts on trade in Shanghai.

China moves toward great modern socialist country

Xinhua Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Xi at the core, China is committed to high-quality development toward the goal of building a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful.

Book of Xi's discourses on building a community with a shared future for humanity published

Xinhua A book of Comrade Xi Jinping's discourses on "promoting the building of a community with a shared future for humanity" has been published by the Central Party Literature Press.

At 69, PRC marches steadily towards brighter future

Xinhua The world is changing, with seemingly more uncertainties and challenges. But China is determined to keep striding ahead. And it is capable of doing so.

From Africa to Far East, Xiplomacy winning global approval

Xinhua A specially designed large round table in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing saw a rare scene in the history of international diplomacy on September 4, when leaders of 54 African countries, 40 of whom were heads of state, were seated around it with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

2018 Summer Davos focuses on innovative society

Xinhua The Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2018, or Summer Davos Forum, will focus on shaping innovative societies in the fourth industrial revolution, when it is held in north China's Tianjin Municipality this week.

Why China is Africa's true development partner

Xinhua The past 18 years of China-Africa relations have made some people in the Western world uneasy as they churn out various accusations against the Asian country's role on the continent.

CPC further enhances Party discipline

Xinhua The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee published the revised regulations on CPC disciplinary actions on Sunday, signaling the Party's determination for self-governance with "iron discipline."

2018 FOCAC Beijing Summit: What to expect

Xinhua A current roadmap for China-Africa cooperation in the new era is one eagerly awaited outcome of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which will begin on Sept 3.

Factbox: Belt and Road Initiative in five years

Xinhua In just five years, the Belt and Road Initiative has grown from a concept to a key platform for building a community with a shared future for humanity and a well-received international public goods.

Memories that shall not fade

Xinhua As Japan marked the 73rd anniversary of the end of World War II on Wednesday, war witnesses and experts said the atrocious war should never be forgotten and measures should be taken to prevent the war's tragedies from reoccurring.

Chinese people's pursuit for better life unstoppable: article

Xinhua Come rain or shine, the steps of Chinese people in pursuing a better life are unstoppable, according to a Chinese language commentary which was published under the byline "Xuanyan" in the People's Daily Wednesday.

China's reform picks up speed in new era

Xinhua About 40 years after China set sail on its voyage of reform and opening-up, the journey is still at full speed and heading towards ever greater goals.

China's high-speed rail 10 years on

Xinhua Many passengers, including those from abroad who came to watch the Beijing Olympics that year, simply wanted to experience travel by high-speed train.

The secret behind China's job creation success

Xinhua In the first half of the year, China's economy largely held up well despite an escalating trade row. Among a string of solid economic indicators, job creation figures were particularly positive.

Animation: A bumpy ride for US made cars

CGTN I am a car produced in the United States. These days it’s getting harder for me to join my peers across the Pacific Ocean to reach the world’s largest car market – China.

CPC releases findings of latest disciplinary inspection

Xinhua The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Sunday released findings of the latest round of disciplinary inspection, the first such practice taken by the 19th CPC Central Committee.

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau still one of cleanest regions on earth

Xinhua The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which covers over one-fourth of China's land area, is still one of the cleanest regions on earth.

U.S., Chinese scientists develop diatom-like nanostructures

Xinhua Scientists from the United States and China have designed a range of diatom-like nanostructures, which may ultimately have far-reaching applications in new optical systems.

China's C919 project enters intensive flight test phase

Xinhua China's C919 large passenger plane project has entered into a new major phase with intensive flight tests in multiple sites around the country.

China remains committed to opening up

Xinhua A more open China has provided the world with more investment opportunities and contributed to global growth.

Time to set sail for new era of SCO cooperation

Xinhua As Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) leaders gather in this dynamic Chinese port city for a summit over the weekend, the world's largest regional institution is poised to open a new chapter in its already remarkable development.