Proposed tax cut to ensure fairer income distribution in China

Xinhua The changes are conducive to reducing tax burdens for taxpayers, raising people's income and boosting consumption.

Xi's keynote speech at SCO Qingdao summit receives worldwide praise

Xinhua The Qingdao summit is of great significance as it boosts mutual cooperation between member states and observers.

Xi leads China to win world's biggest poverty-relief battle

Xinhua China aims to eradicate absolute poverty by 2020, roughly 10 million each year.

Why is SCO Qingdao summit attracting world attention?

Xinhua The upcoming 18th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao has come under the global spotlight as it carries special significance.

Qingdao summit to usher in more dynamic SCO

Xinhua With joint efforts from all sides, the summit will be a significant meeting, setting future directions and goals and creating a milestone in the history of the SCO.

"Shanghai Spirit" helps build community with shared future for SCO members

Xinhua The Shanghai Spirit features mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity and the pursuit of common development.

The "Shanghai Spirit" shows its strength

Xinhua The organization's achievements show the uniting power of the Shanghai Spirit, which was enshrined in the SCO Charter.

China's reform and opening-up sets example for Africa

Xinhua "China says it is ready to share the many valuable inspirations gathered along the way with the rest of the world," Ndegwa said.

China remains world's largest developing country: experts

Xinhuanet Although being world's second largest economy and having made great contribution to world economic growth, China remains a developing country, experts have said.

An invitation to make space safer

Xinhua China's exploration into outer space has been at the core of global attention since the launch of the first Chinese satellite in 1970.

History of Constitution reflects history of China's modern development

Xinhua The study and promotion of the Constitution needs to combine the development of modern history in China.

Shanghai Spirit - strong momentum behind steady SCO development

Xinhua In June, the 18th SCO summit will be held in the coastal city of Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province.

Positive China-U.S. trade consultations in the interests of both countries and world

Xinhua Both sides agreed to maintain high-level contact and seek to resolve their economic and trade concerns in a proactive manner.

China determined to advance ecological civilization

Xinhua Work should be done to meet public expectations by stepping up the building of ecological civilization and providing more quality ecological products.

China's further reform, opening up to better serve global growth, free trade

Xinhua Increased investors' confidence indicates more of the impact of China's further reform and opening-up.

China sets example in developing Marxism

Xinhua China sets a good example in practicing Marxism by allowing it to exist along side traditional culture and values.

Interview: China's reform, opening-up leads to economic miracle

Xinhua Robb said hundreds of millions of people in China were lifted out of poverty, which is a remarkable achievement.

Xi's tour inspires faculty, students at China's top-notch university

Xinhua President Xi Jinping's recent visit to Peking University (PKU) has instilled new passion among staff and students to make new contributions to national development.

Marxism equips China's modernization with truth: People's Daily

Xinhua The People's Daily on Wednesday published a tribute to Karl Marx, hailing Marxism's crucial role in China's modernization.

China's economy displays resilience amid trade tensions

Xinhua China's economy delivered a solid start to the year with above-target growth in the first quarter.

Xi-Modi gathering to guide China-India cooperation

Xinhua Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to sit down in an informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the central Chinese city of Wuhan over the next two days.

Tropical island on forefront of next phase of China's reform, opening-up

Xinhua As the smallest province but biggest SEZ, Hainan is an ideal test ground of China's reform and opening-up.

New military rules stress Xi thought

Xinhua Xi Jinping signed orders to publish three regulations on the military's interior order, code of conduct and military formation.

China demonstrates commitment to openness at 2018 Boao Forum

Xinhua The Naisbitts see both forums as complementing each other, with the BFA being centered on and primarily serving the interests of Asia.

Free, inclusive trade lays foundation for global economic growth

Xinhua The world is seeing a tug-of-war between openness and protectionism, as countries like the United States build high trade "walls" of steep tariffs.