China tax cuts aid rural revitalization

Xinhua China's large-scale tax and fee reductions unveiled earlier this year are starting to benefit a vast number of villages.

Interview: BRI a bridge to more globalized, just world: expert

Xinhua The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by China is a bridge to a more globalized and just world, said Arturo Oropeza, vice president of Mexico's Institute for Industrial Development and Economic Growth.

Xi's visit to open new chapter in China-Italy ties, says ambassador

Xinhua An upcoming state visit to Italy by President Xi Jinping will open up a new chapter in Sino-Italian relations, Chinese Ambassador to Italy Li Ruiyu has said.

Xi's upcoming visit to inject new impetus into China-EU partnership

Xinhua Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay state visits to Italy, Monaco and France from March 21 to 26, to consolidate time-honored friendship, enhance practical cooperation and champion multilateralism.

China's key political meetings secure pivotal underpinning for all-round well-off society

Xinhua As the "two sessions," a key event in China's political calendar, came to an end Friday, the country has created decisive underpinning for navigating through complexities toward its goal to build a moderately prosperous society (Xiaokang) in all respects.

Preventive approach: China's effective means to combat terrorism

Xinhua China on Monday issued a white paper, saying that the country gives top priority to a preventive counterterrorism approach.

"Two sessions" discussions a process for making people's voices heard

Xinhua During discussions at the "two sessions," lawmakers and political advisors, ranging from renown entrepreneurs and sports stars to doctors and primary school teachers, provide China's decision making process with a broader picture of what is going on in the country and what the people really care about and need.

China's anti-corruption fight goes from victory to victory

Xinhua China's fight against corruption has scored a sweeping victory and is setting sight on a complete win.

China's new foreign investment law to boost opening-up, expert says

Xinhua A longtime U.S. observer on China has said the draft foreign investment law being deliberated in Beijing is "definitely a step forward" in the country's continued reform and opening-up.

"Passage interview," a snapshot of Chinese democracy

Xinhua Welcome to China's "passage interview," a live broadcast that presents China through the stories of common people as well as international superstars.

A landmark law in China's opening up

Xinhua There can be no economic prosperity without opening up, and there can be no high-level opening up without sound rule of law. To draw more foreign investors, a fair and complete legal system is crucial.

China to continue benefiting from reform, opening-up: expert

Xinhua China will continue to benefit by further implementing its reform and opening-up policy, an expert told Xinhua here in a recent interview.

China's rural revitalization train is full steam ahead

Xinhua In addition to education and healthcare, the Chinese government is also turning its attention to something equally important to rural areas: toilets.

China's foreign investment law to usher in new chapter of opening up

Xinhua "The law is a full testament to China's determination and confidence in opening wider to the outside world and promoting foreign investment in the new era," Wang said.

Experts say China's anti-poverty drive helpful for other countries

Xinhua China's efforts and success in poverty reduction can help other developing nations, said experts observing the country's ongoing Two Sessions.

China advances all-round opening-up at "two sessions"

Xinhua China expects to see wider opening-up as it pledges to do more to attract foreign investment and promote global cooperation at the ongoing annual "two sessions."

"Two sessions" show quality of democracy in China

Xinhua Those anticipating confrontation and competition between political parties -- as often seen in Western parliaments -- will be disappointed at China's ongoing "two sessions."

More open, high-quality Chinese economy to boost global growth -- experts

Xinhua China's resolve to continue promoting open and high-quality development will provide a much-needed stimulation to global economic growth, world experts and scholars said.

More reform needed to benefit private enterprises

Xinhua China should push forward its reform to facilitate the development of private enterprises, a political advisor said Wednesday.

More reform needed to benefit private enterprises

Xinhua China should push forward its reform to facilitate the development of private enterprises, a political advisor said Wednesday.

Never too late to rediscover China's strength

Xinhua China's annual two sessions is a window for outsiders to gauge China's development path as well as its effect on the world. This year's event is no exception.

Two sessions, best window to view China

Xinhuanet Thousands of Chinese legislators and political advisors are now gathering in the early spring Beijing for the nation's annual “two sessions”.

Sprinting toward a moderately prosperous society

Xinhua The good news at the start of 2019 is that the risk of an outright global recession is low. The bad news is that we are heading into a year of global deceleration. In some regions, growth will fall below potential.

Chinese democracy puts Western illusion in dust

Xinhua The true meaning of people's democracy is finding the best way to coordinate the aspirations and demands of the whole of society and making decisions that conform to the long-term interest of the people.

China's major political season to gather momentum for achieving Xiaokang

Xinhua China's top political advisory body started its annual session Sunday in Beijing, raising the curtain on a key political season, which also includes the top legislature's annual meeting.