China museum guide commemorates war history to promote peace

Xinhua A bell-striking ceremony to mark the 87th anniversary of the "Sept. 18 Incident" is held at the 9.18 Historical Museum in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province, Sept. 18, 2018.

China, a greater contributor to global economy

Xinhua During the past four decades of reform and opening up, China has also built closer ties and expanded win-win cooperation with the rest of the world.

Five years on, Belt and Road projects change the lives of many

Xinhua Over the past five years, a series of cooperation projects have kicked off and some have been completed, changing the lives of many along the routes.

China-Africa ties good for prosperity

Xinhua Cooperation between China and Africa will benefit the continent and its people, an analyst has said.

Proposals by Xi at forum will drive cooperation in Northeast Asia: experts

Xinhua Xi's attendance of the Eastern Economic Forum is "a new milestone in the development of the bilateral relations."

Xi's Vladivostok trip injects fresh vigor into China-Russia ties, regional cooperation

Xinhua China and Russia have strong internal impetus for cooperation in various fields.

China's reform and opening up efforts highly valued in Britain

Xinhua China, with its new perception of socialism, has offered "a new example" and "a new possibility" to the world.

FOCAC Beijing summit shows China's approach, dedication to Africa

Xinhua The "five-no" approach means China-Africa cooperation is based on equality and mutual respect.

China-Africa win-win partnership won't be derailed by false claims

Xinhua The continent's leaders sent out a clear signal that Africans are fully capable of deciding what's in their best interest.

FOCAC Beijing summit opens new chapter in Sino-African cooperation

Xinhua The 2018 Beijing summit of the FOCAC which kicked off on Monday has opened a new chapter in Sino-African cooperation.

China and Africa: a true friendship and beyond

Xinhua As the continent with the most developing countries is finding its rightful place in the world, China's actions show what it means to be a responsible contributor to Africa's success.

Africa's best hope lies in cooperation with China: Zambian expert

Xinhua The changing paradigm shift in global economy leaves China as the best hope for Africa's future development, a Zambian expert said on Monday.

Chinese investment brings Africa hope, not trap

Xinhua Claims that China's investment in Africa is creating a debt crisis are misleading and false.

China's private businesses gain momentum amid challenges

Xinhua China's private businesses have gained momentum in 2017, adding to positive signs of an economy that pushes forward high-quality growth.

Interview: Beijing summit "new starting point for China-Africa cooperation"

Xinhua "It will become a new starting point for China-Africa cooperation."

China's Belt and Road Initiative "powerful idea" to connect world economies

Xinhua He said China had developed tremendous capacity for infrastructure, renewable energy, mechanized agriculture and manufacturing.

Xi's speech boosts confidence in global economic stability

Xinhua It aspires to build a community of shared future for mankind with both shared responsibilities and benefits, Xi said.

Xi gives new impetus to Belt and Road Initiative

Xinhua The next priority of jointly advancing the initiative is to realize its high-quality development, Xi said.

China's economy on solid footing despite external headwinds

Xinhua The Chinese economy remains on a solid footing despite a more complicated domestic and external environment.

Reform, opening up break new ground for China

Xinhua Four decades of reform and opening up have brought "epic progress" to an old country, said the article.

China signals greater focus on economic stability

Xinhua China will put more focus on maintaining the stability of the economy in the second half of this year amid external uncertainties.

Marking 91st birthday, PLA marches into new era of reform, capacity building

Xinhua Under southern China's scorching sun, marines climb high walls with their bare hands and crawl under barbed wire nets, with referees carefully timing them.

Xi's visit deepens South-South cooperation, upholds multilateralism

Xinhua Chinese President Xi Jinping is leaving Mauritius on Saturday, the last stop of his visit to the Middle East and Africa.

China, Africa eye all-round cooperation for common development

Xinhua Experts from China and African countries shared their insights on all-round cooperation for mutual benefit and common development at a two-day forum that concluded Tuesday.

Xi signals direction for BRICS cooperation in 2nd "golden decade"

Xinhua The BRICS cooperation mechanism has become an increasingly important platform for cooperation in the developing world.