With sincerity, no issue is insoluble between China, U.S.

Xinhua If there is a magic wand to solve the China-U.S. trade frictions, that is sincerity.

Xi's Europe, LatAm trip boosts ties, steers governance on right path

Xinhua "President Xi's latest trip is yet another successful practice of major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics," he said.

Why Portugal's "blue partnership" with China is win-win

Xinhua For Portugal, a country known as where the land ends and the sea begins, a "blue partnership" with China means great promise in bilateral ties.

China marks six years in frugality campaign, punishing some 350,000 officials

Xinhua Six years after the eight-point regulation came into effect, a total of 349,552 officials have been punished for violating the rules.

Xi demonstrates China's critical, constructive role in G20

Xinhua Addressing the 13th G20 summit on Friday, Xi urged the G20 to stick to openness, partnership, innovation and inclusiveness.

Xi urges G20 to "steer world economy in right direction"

Xinhua In addition to openness and multilateralism, Xi's four-pronged solution also includes partnership, innovation and inclusiveness.

Xi demonstrates China's critical, constructive role in G20

Xinhua China stands ready to make joint efforts with various sides and make its due contribution, he added.

Xi's Asia-Pacific trip to boost open cooperation, inclusive growth

Xinhua Noting the world is at a critical juncture, Xi proposed focusing on openness, development, inclusiveness, innovation and a rules-based approach.

Xi's APEC remarks herald better future of building open world economy

Xinhua A five-point proposal by Chinese President Xi Jinping will inject impetus into Asia-Pacific regional development.

China bangs drum for open economy

Xinhua At the end of the day, "we are all indeed fellow passengers in the same boat."

Belt and Road Initiative paves way for cooperation between China, Pacific island countries

Xinhua The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is creating more and more cooperation opportunities between China and Pacific island countries.

Chinese wisdom a booster for global economy

Xinhua In Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea (PNG), one could easily find a construction site operated by a Chinese company.

Xi's Asia-Pacific trip to promote regional cooperation, neighborhood friendship

Xinhua Xi's trips to Brunei and the Philippines, two of China's Southeast Asian neighbors, will be his first as president.

China-ASEAN strategic partnership a boon to Asia-Pacific

Xinhua He stressed that the China-ASEAN strategic partnership "should serve as a model for countries all over the world".

China's poverty reduction "phenomenal," says expert

Xinhua China's 40-year struggle to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty was labeled as "phenomenal" by the director of the London School of Economics (LSE).

Fruitful trip at CIIE inspires Int'l exhibitors' appreciation for China

Xinhua As a large-scale event, the organization of the expo is rigorous and very successful, Teo said.

Chorus of free trade for humanity

Xinhua The CIIE is a high-level expo that generates extensive significance at home and abroad and produces fruitful outcomes, Sun told reporters.

China's further opening up a benefit to world

Xinhua Xi's speech is very much welcomed because "what we need today is not more borders but less borders."

China's import expo gathers consensus on globalization

Xinhua "To benefit more people, protectionist measures must be abandoned," Long said.

From Canton Fair to Import Expo, China gears up for wider opening-up

Xinhua Through the years, imports are no longer a "side dish" at the trade fair.

For wise companies, China should not be missed

Xinhua For wise companies, China is an opportunity not to be missed.

From made-in-China to sold-in-China, foreign firms set to benefit at CIIE

Xinhua The CIIE is slated to kick off in Shanghai on Monday, with the world set to witness China's transformation from being the biggest exporter in goods to an even bigger buyer.

China's vision, action to build community with shared future inspire world

Xinhua China's opening-up "added certainty and hope to the world today.

Reform and opening-up successful, Hong Kong playing key role: experts

Xinhua Hong Kong is a contributor as well as a beneficiary in the country's reform and opening-up.

China able to cope with economic challenges: experts

Xinhua Despite challenges at home and abroad, China is able to maintain a stable economic performance with the help of pro-growth policies.