Archives reveal Japanese wartime immigrations in NE China

From: Xinhua Updated: 2014-04-28 09:53
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CHANGCHUN, April 27 (Xinhua) -- Ten newly sorted archives in northeast China revealed Japan organized multiple large-scale immigrations to the region during its invasion.

The documents, released by Jilin Provincial Archives, showed Japanese invaders grabbed lands of Chinese peasants and other resources, cruelly oppressed local residents to serve their colonial invasion.

An archive about the mass immigration status-quo recorded Japan's six mass immigrations between 1932 and 1937 in diagrams, with details about their distribution, population and the area of their planted crops.

Documents related to the military police corps of Japan's Kwantung Army revealed the atrocities of Japanese invaders.

They beat or even killed original inhabitants and the clashes between Chinese farmers and Japanese "settlers" were increasingly fierce, showed the archives.

The archives are real records of Japanese invaders grabbing large lands, which uncovered the mask of Japanese militarism, said Gao Ying, an official of Jilin Provincial Archives.

The acts showed Japan's attempt to change the population structure in northeast China and its ugly intention to turn the region into a base for Japanese invaders, said Gao.

The Jilin Provincial Archives on Friday released 89 wartime documents revealing atrocities Japanese troops committed in China during World War Two.

The files, once kept by the invading Japanese army in Northeast China, are a response to Japan's right-wing politicians' denial of Japan's wartime crimes in China, experts said.

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