Focusing on Six Aspects in Fully Implementing the Guiding Principles of the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC / Xi Jinping

Fully Understanding the Eight Basic Requirements / Li Jingtian

The Socialist Path of Political Advancement with Chinese Characteristics and China’s Political Reform / Shen Chunyao

Scientific Development Is Essential for China’s Continued Development /

Accelerating the Development of the Fiscal and Tax Systems to Promote Scientific Development / Xie Xuren

Implementing a More Proactive Strategy of Opening Up / Chen Deming

The Relationship Between the Government and the Market—The Core of Economic Restructuring / Zheng Xinli

Accelerating the Development of Modern Agriculture / Chen Xiwen

The Public Consensus for Protecting Online Information / Shi Ping

China’s Water Management Strategy / Chen Lei

Safeguarding Litigation Rights and Preserving Judicial Justice—Interview with Wang Shengming, Xi Xiaoming, and Jiang Jianchu on the Revision of the Civil Procedure Law / Yang Shaohua and Yi Saijian

Upholding the Spirit and Authority of the Constitution / Li Shishi

Progressing Steadily in an Uncertain World—China’s Diplomacy in 2012 / Yang Jiechi

Why Is the US So Eager to Export Democracy? / Guo Ji

Firmly Adhering to the Political Soul of a Communist / Liang Zhu

Two Paths, Two Futures / Ru Xin

Global Trends in the Next Decade /

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