Implementing the Guiding Principles of the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC with a View to Upholding and Developing Socialism with Chinese Characteristics / Xi Jinping

The Development of Socialist Consultative Democracy in China / Jia Qinglin

Further Promoting Self-Governance in Local Communities / Li Liguo

The Reform of Government Authorities in Towns and Townships / Wang Dongming

Achievements and Experiences in the Election of New CPC Committees at the Township, County, City and Provincial Levels /

The Development of China’s Commerce Since the Seventeenth National Congress of the CPC / Chen Deming

The Systems That Guarantee the Sustainable Development of the Chinese Economy / Zheng Xinli

A Social Safety Net for Urban and Rural Residents Has Taken Shape in China /

Following the Socialist Path of Education with Chinese Characteristics / Yuan Guiren

Successfully Identifying a Path of Peaceful Development with Chinese Characteristics / Qiu Yuanping

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: A Successful Model for Regional Cooperation in the Twenty-First Century / Lu Gang

Exactly Who Is Trampling on Human Rights? / Guo Ji

China Will Never Allow Japan to Seize the Diaoyu Islands / Liu Jiangyong

Creating an Ecological Civilization / Jiang Chunyun

Seeking Truth from Facts: The Secret to the Success of China’s Policy-Making / Hu Angang and Mao Jie

The Historic Theoretical Contributions of the Report to the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC /

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