Maintaining the Purity of the Party / Xi Jinping

Tackling Corruption in Ten Aspects That Impact Everyday Life / He Guoqiang

The Establishment of the Socialist Market Economy / Zeng Peiyan

Ethnic Initiatives Since the Sixteenth National Congress of the CPC /

Promoting the Peaceful Development of Relations Across the Taiwan Straits / Wang Yi

Pursuing a New Approach to Industrialization and Urbanization in Sichuan Province / Liu Qibao

Innovation and Application: The Promotion of Science and Technology in Agriculture / Han Changfu

The Glorious Achievements of Scientific Development / Ma Jiantang

Developing the Real Economy / Jin Bei

A Concerted Drive to Develop Culture /

Ending the Subsidization of Medical Services with Profits from the Sale of Medicines and Deepening the Reform of Public Hospitals / Chen Zhu and Zhang Mao

Developing Social Security and Public Services for the Disabled / Wang Xinxian

A China-U.S. Partnership Based on Mutual Respect and Mutual Benefit / Yang Jiechi

The Political and Economic Predicament of the West / Qu Xing

China’s Democracy in Practice / Shen Liguo

The Orientation of China’s Monetary Policy / Tang Shuangning

The People’s Congress and CPPCC Systems Constitute One of China’s Fundamental Advantages /

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