Guidelines for Constantly Creating New Horizons for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics(October 18, 2010) / Hu Jintao

Solving Ethnic Issues in Our Own Unique Way / Jia Qinglin

Working Out a Path of Socialist Modernization with Chinese Characteristics / Liu Yunshan

Leading Cadres Must Lead the Way in Striving for Progressiveness and Excellence / Li Yuanchao

The Pluralistic Unity of the Chinese Nation and China’s Ethnic Policy / Ma Qizhi

Accelerating Reform of the Fiscal and Tax Systems to Promote Sound and Rapid Development / Xie Xuren

Improving the Social Safety Net to Cover All Citizens / Yin Weimin

The Twelfth Five-Year Plan Period Is a Key Period for Accelerating the Transformation of the Pattern of Industrial Development / Li Yizhong

Accelerating the Development of a New Socialist Countryside / Chen Xiwen

Fully Unlocking the Huge Potential of China’s Domestic Demand / Xie Fuzhan

Reform of the Capital Market to Support Transformation of the Pattern of Economic Development / Shang Fulin

The Eleventh Five-Year Plan:Turning Crisis into Opportunity and Forging Ahead / Zheng Xinli

New Prospects for the Reform and Development of the Press and Publication Industry / Liu Binjie

American Politics as Seen from the 2010 Midterm Elections / Guo Ji

China's Foreign Aid Work / Chen Deming

The Origins and Evolution of the Sovereignty Dispute over the Diaoyu Islands / Huang Dahui

Developing a System of Public Hospitals with Chinese Characteristics / Ma Xiaowei

Developing Intellectual Property to Promote Social and Economic Progress / Tian Lipu

Great Economic Success Testifies to China’s Political Success / Wen Ping

China’s Success Comes from its Political System / Hu Angang

Following the Path of Peaceful Development / Dai Bingguo

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