Training All Types of Personnel with the Focus on High-Level and High-Caliber Personnel

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 The issue of personnel is vital to the development of the causes of the Party and state.

 The CPC and the central government have always attached great importance to personnel work, formulating and implementing a number of important principles and policies in China’s revolution, development and reform during different historical periods to train and assemble a large contingent of personnel for the development of the causes of the Party and the people. In this stage of the new century, the CPC Central Committee made the major policy decision to implement a strategy of strengthening the nation through human resource development. Following the First National Personnel Work Conference in 2003 and the Decision on Strengthening Personnel Work, the CPC Central Committee staged the Second National Personnel Work Conference in 2010 and promulgated the Outline of the Medium- and Long-Term Program for Human Resource Development, the first of its kind in China. This marked the beginning of a new stage of accelerated efforts to make China a leading country in terms of human resources.

 Personnel constitute an essential element in efforts to promote scientific development. The strategy of strengthening the nation through human resource development is a basic strategy for China’s economic and social development. The quantity and quality of personnel are important indices in evaluating the overall national strength of a country. The competitiveness of personnel is the core competitiveness for national development. A country’s human resource strength, as the most important strategic resource, is gradually becoming a deciding factor in the international competition for overall national strength.

 After 30-plus years of reform and opening up and economic development, China has risen to the third place in the world in terms of the size of its economy and the country’s national strength has constantly increased. China is still not competitive enough in terms of personnel, however, which accounts for the country’s weakness in independent innovation, a major factor constraining economic and social development. Confronted with the increasingly fierce international competition in human resources, we must take effective measures, seize opportunities, address challenges, view personnel work from a strategic perspective and successfully carry out personnel work from a new starting point.

  Contestants participating in a major contest of skills for engineering project surveyors of central government enterprises June 25, 2010. The six-day contest was held in Chengdu and was sponsored by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China. The 141 contestants came from 25 enterprises and organizations across the country. The contest represents the highest level in engineering surveying in China. The purpose of the contest is to develop a contingent of highly skilled personnel for enterprises and guide industrial workers in taking the road of becoming useful to society by learning a skill. / Photo by Xinhua reporter Chen Kai

 Great strides have been made in China’s human resource development.

 The public policy system concerning personnel work and the environment for personnel development have gradually been improved. One, we established the basics of a national system for selecting experts, consisting mainly of a system of academicians, a national system of young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions and a system of special government allowances, implemented a project to train highly skilled personnel and a plan to promote the fostering of new technicians, developed a training and selection system for highly skilled personnel. We gradually improved a training and selection mechanism for personnel focusing on high-level and high-caliber personnel. Two, we implemented a plan to attract high-level personnel from overseas, a plan to encourage returned students starting businesses and an action plan for overseas Chinese to serve China, put more effort into the development of start-up industrial parks for returned students and improved the service system for returned students, creating a favorable situation for returned student to serve the country in various forms. Three, we deepened reform of the personnel system for public institutions to gradually transform the mechanism for using personnel. Four, we made steady progress in reform of the professional title system and improved the professional qualification system to make the personnel evaluation mechanism more scientific. Five, we improved the personnel incentive mechanism.

 We have developed a personnel service system and made constant improvement in government personnel service. One, the development of a human resources market made considerable progress, basically forming a multi-level and multi-factor market service system consisting of various human resource service organizations set up by public institutions, private enterprises and Chinese-foreign joint ventures. Two, we set up an application system for work and residence permits for personnel brought in from overseas, improved service and guarantee policies for the floating population working outside their registered permanent residence and improved the mechanism for ensuring the free flow of personnel. Three, the personnel service industry grew by leaps and bounds. Four, progress was made in coordinating personnel work among different regions.

 The system of personnel development was improved and the training level of all types of personnel was continuously raised. One, we implemented the refresher course project for professional and technical personnel and trained on a large scale professional and technical personnel in key areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, management, information technology and energy technology. Two, in light of the requirements of economic development and the employment situation, we carried out a special vocational training plan for the urban unemployed, employees of poorly performing enterprises, rural migrant workers recently recruited by enterprises, junior and senior middle school graduates in urban and rural areas not qualified to attend schools of higher grade and former military personnel in order to promote and stabilize employment. Three, we implemented a plan to recruit college graduates to work in the fields of education, agriculture and medicine and in poverty alleviation efforts in rural areas in order to guide people with useful professional and technical skills and a spirit of devotion to provide service in rural areas. We devoted much effort to training personnel with practical skills to work in rural areas with the focus on badly needed personnel types for the development of a new countryside specialized in production and management and people with the ability to improve the skills of local residents.

 We have formulated a plan for training all types of personnel with the focus on high-level and high- caliber personnel.

 Although development of personnel and the system of public personnel services has made considerable progress in recent years, the training of high-level and high-caliber personnel still does not meet the needs of economic and social development and there are still institutional and structural barriers in personnel work that need to be eliminated. Departments of human resources and social security at all levels should conscientiously apply the guiding principles defined at the personnel work conference and implement the Outline of Program for Human Resource Development, within the framework of the Party’s supervision over the personnel. The primary task is to balance efforts to train all types of personnel with the focus on high-level and high-caliber personnel.

 We need to develop a large contingent of highly qualified professional and technical personnel, focusing on improving the overall professional standards and innovative abilities of personnel. High-level professional and technical personnel with innovative abilities are the core personnel in China. Working to produce a large number of high-level creative professional and technical personnel will play an important role in guiding and promoting the overall quality of personnel. This is a long-term strategic task in personnel work. We will be formulating and implementing a plan called, the National Medium- and Long-Term Program for the Development of Professional and Technical Human Resources. We will continue implementing and improving the Personnel Project for the New Century.* We will improve the system of special government allowances and reform and improve the postdoctoral system. We will focus on training creative scientific and technical personnel and devote more effort to training personnel that are in short supply in key areas and personnel needed in the modern service industry. We will vigorously implement the plan to attract high-level personnel from overseas, the plan to encourage returned students starting business and the action plan for overseas Chinese to serve China, and carry out a program to attract overseas students to return to the motherland to work, launch businesses and serve the country. We will carry out a large scale campaign to update the knowledge of special personnel in key areas. We will strengthen efforts to train professional and technical personnel at the local level, improve their working and living conditions, and expand the space for their professional development. We will pay close attention to the role of retired professional and technical personnel.

 We will develop a full range of highly skilled personnel in all fields with consummate technical skills, focusing on improving the overall professional abilities and skills of personnel. Highly skilled personnel are an important component of the contingent of Chinese personnel, and they play an irreplaceable and important role in accelerating the improvement and upgrading of industry, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and promoting the upgrading of technology and application of scientific and technological advances in production. We will formulate and implement a plan called the National Medium- and Long-Term Program for the Development of Highly Skilled Personnel. We will improve the system for producing highly skilled personnel with enterprises having the main responsibility, vocational schools acting as the foundation and school education closely related to enterprise training, in which government promotion is combined with the support of society. We will formulate a method for linking up the professional development of high-caliber personnel with that of engineering and technical personnel. We will develop a mechanism for passing down the unique skills of high-caliber personnel. We will improve the national system for selecting and recognizing high-caliber personnel. We will stage various forms of competitions in job skills and job training sessions.

 We will deepen reform as the fundamental driving force for personnel development and accelerate efforts to make innovations in regulations and mechanisms on personnel work. Regulatory and structural guarantees are required to ensure personnel training is scientific, attract large numbers of good personnel and make good use of personnel. Reform is crucial to making innovations in the regulatory system and mechanisms. We will improve the mechanisms for personnel work to make them more in line with the socialist market economic system. We will improve the scientific system for classifying occupations, accelerate the reform of the occupational title system and professional qualification system, improve the evaluation mechanism for professional and technical personnel focusing on recognition from the society and among their peers, and work out a multi-factor evaluation mechanism for technical personnel. We will develop a mechanism for finding and evaluating personnel while implementing major scientific research and engineering projects, as well as urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy work. We will improve the non-government mechanism for recommending personnel. We will optimize the income distribution method to encourage leading scientific research personnel in key areas. We will develop a national system for recognizing personnel that have made outstanding contributions to economic and social development.

 While making the best use of the role of all types of personnel as the fundamental task of personnel work, we will constantly work to improve the management level of personnel work. The fundamental purpose of personnel work is to ensure personnel are used to the best advantage. We will improve the policies and operational mechanisms of personnel management to develop a personnel management system that is macro managed by the government, and that achieves rational distribution of resources through the market, allows employers to independently determine how to use personnel and allows personnel to independently seek employment. We will further improve legislation concerning personnel issues and regulate, carry out and guarantee personnel development in accordance with the law. We will further remove restrictions on the free flow of personnel between urban and rural areas as well as among different regions, departments, occupations and social sectors and between the public and non-public sector of the economy. We will make policies more flexible to allow the free flow of personnel through arrangements such as allowing personnel to temporarily hold a position in one organization while retaining their original position in another organization, short-term work and exchange of personnel between projects in order to ensure the orderly flow of professional and technical personnel in Party and government organs, scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning into enterprises, civil organizations and employment in local-level organizations and the frontline of production. We will implement a more open personnel policy, promote mutual recognition of the professional qualifications of professional and technical personnel among different countries and regions, develop the international personnel market, formulate policy measures to ensure the security of important personnel in the country, and actively support and recommend outstanding personnel for positions in international organizations.

 We will work to make Chinese personnel more competitive in all respects, with efforts centered around the implementation of a major personnel project. This major personnel project will serve as an important lever for progress in personnel work and make Chinese personnel more competitive. We will vigorously implement the refresher course project for professional and technical personnel. We will launch an extensive continuing education project covering the 12 key areas of economic and social development, including the equipment manufacturing industry, IT industry and biotechnology industry, and train one million high-level leading experts and technicians that are badly needed and in short supply, centering on efforts to improve the economic structure, develop high and new technology industries and improve the ability of Chinese personnel to make independent innovations. We will develop a number of national bases for continuing education by relying on institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and existing educational organizations of large enterprises. We will step up efforts to work out a plan for implementing the refresher course project for professional and technical personnel. We will vigorously implement a national plan for promoting the development of high-caliber personnel. In accordance with the need to take a new road to industrialization and accelerate the improvement and upgrading of the industrial structure, we will work for initial breakthroughs in some key areas by focusing on development projects such as a demonstration center for training of high-caliber personnel, a public internship center and workshops held by technical experts to train a large number of high-caliber personnel with excellent technical skills, starting by improving policies concerning the links of training, evaluation, utilization and incentives. In addition, we will cooperate with relevant departments in implementing a plan for attracting high-level personnel from overseas, a plan to promote the development of creative personnel, a project to turn out high-caliber personnel, a plan to support the development of modern agriculture, a plan to support the development of personnel in remote and poverty-stricken areas, ethnic minority border areas and old revolutionary base areas, and a plan to train college graduates at the local level.

 We will step up efforts to transform the way government functions in personnel work by constantly working to strengthen public personnel services. Strengthening public personnel services is a necessary requirement for transforming the way government functions as well as an important part of making progress in government personnel work. We will improve the government system of public personnel services, develop an integrated national service network, improve the public service platform consisting of personnel agencies, social security agencies, enterprise recruitment registration, mediation and arbitration of employment and personnel disputes, personnel file management and employment services, and develop a non-government public management and service system for personnel files. We will constantly work to make innovations in the methods used to deliver public government personnel services and improve the system of government purchase of public services. We will make the management of public personnel service products more standardized and vigorously develop public service products to satisfy a wide variety of personnel needs. We will carry out reform of the system for managing government-owned personnel service organizations, separate government administration from the operation of public institutions and separate oversight from operation, vigorously develop special personnel and professional personnel markets, improve the system of services for the personnel market, actively develop professionalized personnel service organizations, and give full play to the fundamental role of market forces in distributing human resources. We will improve the planning and guidance by category for the development of professional and specialized personnel focusing on the development of personnel for key areas and make projections of the demand for personnel and regularly release a list of types of personnel that are crucial and in short supply. We will cooperate with relevant departments, implement policies to encourage business start-ups, and provide more technical training, services and guidance for business start-ups in order to improve their success rate.   

(From Qiushi, Chinese edition, No.15, 2010)

Note: Author: Minister of Human Resources and Social Security of China

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