Thoroughly Implementing Guidelines of the CPC for Leading Party Cadres to Ensure Clean Government Administration and Building Trust among the People through Progress in Improving the Work Style of the Party and Combating Corruption (Extract) / He Guoqiang

Improve the Justice and Legal System and Help Promote Sound and Rapid Economic and Social Development (Extract) / Zhou Yongkang

Making Party and Government Organs More Conservation-minded (Extract) / Ma Kai

Make United Front Work More Scientific and Concentrate Forces for the Cause of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics / Du Qinglin

Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics: Features and Strengths /

The CPC Is a Political Party Diligent and Effective at Study / Yang Shengqun

We Must Step Up Efforts for Balanced Urban and Rural Development and Strengthen the Foundation for Agriculture and Rural Development(Extract) / Hui Liangyu

Accelerating Adjustment of the Industrial Structure and Upgrading Industries / Li Yizhong

Keeping the Scale of Lending at a Reasonable Level and Scientifically Managing Inflation Expectations / interview by Gu Baoguo

Developing the Capital Market System to Speed Up Transformation of the Pattern of Economic Development / Shang Fulin

Developing Harmonious Labor Relations While Dealing with the International Financial Crisis / Yang Zhiming

Working for a Low Carbon Economy during Structural Adjustments / Qin Guangrong

Taking the Scientific Outlook on Development as a Guide to Open Up New Prospects for Work on Women’s Issues (Extract) / Chen Zhili

Turning Challenges into Opportunities to Ensure Sustainable Development / Deng Nan

Preservation of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage / Zhou Heping

Fully Implementing the Fifth Five-Year Plan for Increasing Public Awareness of the Law to Promote Social and Economic Development / interview by Yang Shaohua and Yi Saijian

Climate Conference in Copenhagen 2009 and China’s Contribution / Wang Guangtao

The Impact of Climate Change Rules on the World Economy / Li Xiangyang

Shanghai World Expo Emphasizes Low-Carbon Economy / Zhou Hanmin

The Chinese Economic Model Is a Model for Success / interview by Wu Qiang

The Three Things That China Will Not Do in Its Development / Le Yucheng

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