Make United Front Work More Scientific and Concentrate Forces for the Cause of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

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 The 17th Central Committee of the CPC in its Fourth Plenary Session defined comprehensive arrangements to strengthen and improve the Party's development work under the current conditions. United Front work must carefully follow the guidelines set out at this session, take into consideration the current conditions and tasks confronting the Party in ruling the country and administering the government, clearly maintain the correct development orientation, concentrate on areas where the United Front can be most effective and be more effective in uniting all sectors of society to concentrate forces for the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the CPC.

 I. The major task in consolidating the ideological and political basis for the United Front is to adapt Marxism to conditions in the country and the times and popularize Marxism among the people.

 Marxism adapted to conditions in China provides the ideological basis to ensure the correct orientation as the Party unites and leads people of all ethnic groups in the Chinese nation on the road ahead. The United Front, as a broad alliance of all working people, nation builders and patriots, has the solemn responsibility of applying Marxism to the reality of the country and the times and popularizing Marxism among the people. 

 First of all, in light of the fact that the fundamental task of the United Front is to unite the hearts of the people and bring together forces from all quarters, workers in the United Front must be more diligent in arming themselves with scientific theory. In order to bring together people from a broad swath of society and effectively form a force to mount a concerted effort, the United Front needs to have unified ideals, goals and interests. Scientific theory represents the best of the spirit of the times and plays a key role in providing an ideological guide, correct value orientation and strong ideological support for the United Front. The foremost task of United Front workers is to study how to implement the theoretical system of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and apply it during the entire process of consolidating the ideological and political foundation for United Front work as demonstrated by the formation of a grand union of people from all quarters. We must ensure that people truly take to heart the latest achievements in applying Marxism to the actual conditions in China so that all the members of the United Front understand, accept and become fully familiar with them.

 We must understand that the membership of the United Front is very diverse in its composition and ideology so we must be more aware of the target population in working to strengthen the armor of scientific theory of United Front members. The United Front is a very diverse and heterogeneous group that includes members from a variety of political parties, ethnic groups and classes of society with differing religious beliefs. We must keep in mind the various characteristics and ideologies of different members of the United Front in improving their study of scientific theory and our efforts to arm them with scientific theory so that they can fully understand the latest achievements in applying Marxism to conditions in China from different perspectives and identify more strongly with the leadership of the CPC, the road and theoretical system for socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the core values of socialism.

 We should take advantage of the United Front’s custom of seeking common ground while putting aside differences and its democratic and inclusive nature to increase the effectiveness of the armor of scientific theory. In order to popularize Marxism among the people, we must clearly explain profound theories using plain and simple language and use the popular forms to explain profound reasoning. We must respect the different feelings and level of understanding of different members of the United Front and try to find effective ways, methods and vectors and choose appropriate opportunities, rhythms and levels of intensity. We must attach great importance to raising the members’ level of understanding through their self-study, explaining things to them through communication and discussion and deepening their understanding through the clash of ideas to truly make scientific theory a powerful ideological weapon that they use conscientiously. 

 II. The requirement for the United Front to help promote accomplishment of the central task during the current period is to strengthen its ability to promote scientific development and bring about social harmony.

 February 1, 2010, Tibetan employees of the Lhasa Railway Station present a “Chemaf” (Tibetan good luck symbol) to coworkers belonging to other ethnic groups. The station staged a performance of “Happy Songs on the Road to Heaven” based on the theme of the unity of all ethnic groups to mark both the Chinese New Year and the Tibetan New Year for the entertainment of station workers belonging to various ethnic groups. The employees of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company form one big happy family consisting of workers belonging to the Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Salar and Tu ethnic groups. / Photo by Xinhua reporter Jue Guo

 The United Front must make use of both its designated functions and strengths and improve its ability to carry out its duties, closely integrating efforts with promotion of scientific development and social harmony, in order to further focus the role and enrich the achievements of United Front work.

 The United Front must strengthen its ability to contribute to scientific development. We must clearly define the orientation of the United Front’s contribution to scientific development and encourage members to closely follow changes in the domestic and international situations, help them understand the major policy decisions and arrangements of the central leadership, increase their awareness of the overall situation and strengthen their ability to understand the overall situation. We must fully understand United Front’s position in contributing to scientific development and make good use of the role of the United Front as an “accelerator” of economic growth, an “actuator” driving the deepening of reform and a “stabilizer” promoting social stability. We must assemble the most extensive pool of human and intellectual resources possible and turn it into a powerful force for driving economic and social development. We must make innovations in the way the United Front contributes to scientific development, carefully analyze successes, actively work to create new models and create a platform and conditions suitable for the many members of the United Front to enable them to make suggestions and contribute.  

 We need to strengthen the organization’s ability to balance different interests. We need to balance the interests of different political parties, different ethnic groups, different religious groups and different social classes and balance the interests of overseas Chinese and Chinese people living in the country. The point is to properly balance the interests of members from all sectors of society. We must be fully aware that all members, regardless of origin, share the same basic interests while also having specific individual interests, and work to consolidate their common interests while also taking into account specific individual interests. We should concentrate on the key to balancing different interests, monitor changes in class structure and interests, learn what the reasonable demands of members are in terms of political, economic and cultural interests and actively work to create conditions for the realization of their rights and interests. We need to extensively popularize the idea of harmony and benefit for all and guide members so that they form a correct attitude toward shifts in interests that occur in the course of reform, present their wishes and demands in a reasonable and orderly way and create an excellent atmosphere in which people work to resolve conflicts of interest through cooperation and friendly negotiation and members all share in the fruits of development by working together. 

 We must improve ideological education work and our ability to guide members. We must fully understand how ideological education and guidance works and always put the interests of the people first. We need to study the characteristics of the ideological activities of different groups in the United Front, combine education and guidance with recreation, friendship, respect and tolerance and strive to make ideological education more effective in influencing the thinking of members. We need to work out innovative approaches to carrying out ideological education and guidance work and integrate efforts to resolve ideological problems and practical problems. We must work to increase the influence of our education and guidance, win people’s trust and make them more conscientious by protecting their interests, helping people through practical actions. We need to master the art of carrying out ideological education and guidance, treat everyone without prejudice, be sincere in our communication, show genuine caring feelings for people, attract people with the power of the truth and help people better relate to education and guidance.

 We need to improve our ability to handle complex problems. We must improve our political judgment so we can fully understand the political implications of major issues related to United Front work involving national security, national unity and social stability and be effective in uncovering emerging and potential danger. We must strengthen our analysis and judgment skills so we can make scientific assessments of new situations and new issues from an international and domestic perspective, from a historical and current perspective, and from a political and economic perspective and then propose solutions. We must strengthen our ability to handle crises so that we can act quickly, respond quickly and handle situations quickly to limit the extent of the crisis as much as possible.

 III. Adherence to and improvement of the system of Party leadership is the fundamental guarantee that the United Front can make full use of its political strength.

 An important way of realizing the Party’s leadership is through the uniting of people from all sectors of society to work together with the Party for the realization of the Party’s goals and historical mission. We must give full play to the unique role of the United Front in upholding and improving the system of Party leadership by providing a firm popular foundation for scientific, democratic and lawful governance.

 We uphold the combination of leadership of the CPC, the people as masters of the country and rule by law, and work to increase the orderly participation of people from all sectors of society in the United Front in political affairs. The United Front plays a positive role in expanding orderly participation in political affairs and should work to help people free up their thinking, expand its scope of activities and broaden its channels of action while upholding democracy and relying on the law and political system under the leadership by the CPC. The United Front must adjust to the new situation of the constantly increasing desire of the people to participate in political affairs by making the organization more open and inclusive, expanding the scope of participation in political affairs and creating more areas and more forms for political participation in order to attract all sectors of society, particularly new social strata, to be a part of the system. The United Front should extensively, thoroughly and effectively participate in the management of national economic and social affairs and help the Party and government stay better informed about popular opinion by listening to the voice of the people and pooling their wisdom to enable the Party to fully play its role in managing the overall situation and balancing interests.

 We must uphold and constantly work to improve the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the CPC to fully demonstrate the superiority of the socialist system. The unique strength of the political system of socialism with Chinese characteristics lies in the close integration of the system of people’s congresses, the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the CPC, the system of regional autonomy for minority ethnic groups and the system of community autonomy, also an important part of upholding and constantly working to improve the system of Party leadership. We should work to make people’s congresses operate better in coordination with the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the CPC to closely integrate elective democracy with consultative democracy. We must work to make the relationship between the substantive system and procedural system for multi-party cooperation more scientific and rational to institutionalize, standardize and normalize political consultation, participation in and deliberation of political affairs, and democratic supervision. We must promote more efficient integration of the governance of the CPC with the participation of the other parties in political affairs and closely integrate the centralized leadership of the Party with the wide-ranging promotion of democracy to make China’s socialist political system even more vigorous and dynamic.

 We must try to fully boost the initiative and creativeness of all sectors of society and improve mechanisms that enable the Party to work together with non-Communists. One outstanding characteristic of China's socialist political system is the participation of non-Communists in all levels of people's congresses, government, Chinese people's political consultative conferences and judicial organs and the cooperation between non-Party members and the Party. This is also an important way of making the leadership system and mechanism of the CPC more dynamic. We must work to promote cooperation in all fields with non-Communists, make best use of their role in all areas of the country’s social and political life and ensure that they have duties, powers, responsibility and accomplishment. We need to strive to promote lasting cooperation between the Party and the non-Party members, broaden our visions in personnel selection, provide non-Communists with a platform that will enable them to accumulate experience, improve the mechanism for personnel placement and develop an adequate and well-rounded reserve of highly competent non-Party cadres. We must strive to promote highly efficient cooperation with non-Party members, uphold the principle of centralized democracy, define scientific standards for the relationship between main leading cadres outside the Party and leading Party organizations, strive for an appropriate ratio of Party and non-Party cadres and promote friendly cooperation between them to increase the overall cohesiveness and combat capability of leading cadres. 

 IV. The most crucial aspect of improving United Front work under the current conditions is to constantly strive to make it more scientific.

 We must keep up with the times and meet the demands for the development of United Front undertakings to make United Front work more scientific. We must take the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics as our guide, concentrate on serving and realizing scientific development, maintain a scientific spirit, work out laws governing scientific development, use scientific methods and develop scientific mechanisms to make the ideas and concepts for our work more advanced, make the pattern of our work more rational and make our efforts more efficient.

 Adhering to scientific theory as a guide is fundamental if we are to make United Front work more scientific. Serving the dynamic cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics should be the starting point for research and innovation in the theory of the United Front, with the focus of theoretical innovation on addressing major issues facing our progress, as we work to develop the theoretical system for the United Front under socialism with Chinese characteristics. We need to improve theory by relying on our many years of successful achievements. We need to concentrate on making breakthroughs in theoretical research and innovation efforts with the focus on resolving deep-rooted issues in order to promote our work through innovations in theory and policy. We must bear in mind the latest practices and developments, broaden and deepen our research and work out the laws governing the United Front work to make it more proactive, independent and creative.

 Relying on scientific systems and mechanisms will ensure that we can make United Front work more scientific. We must strengthen Party leadership over United Front work, which is fundamental, and uphold the principle of the CPC exercising overall control and coordination of all areas in order to improve the general working mechanism of the United Front, which consists of central leadership by CPC committees, overall coordination by United Front departments and specific responsibilities for each relevant department and mass organization. We need to improve the various systems of joint meetings and the mechanism for coordinating efforts, focusing on improving the ability to mount a concerted effort, so that each participant in the United Front carries out its individual responsibilities in coordination with the others. We need to improve our working mechanism of overall coordination, communication of information, performance evaluation and follow-up implementation in an effort to improve our ability to carry out our duties so that we avoid overlaps and deficiencies and make our efforts better coordinated, more systematic and more scientific. 

 Application of scientific methods is the foundation for making United Front work more scientific. We must adhere to Marxist methodology, be creative in using democratic consultation, widening our circle of friends, providing education and guidance, and offering sincere service and constantly work to keep up with the times and increase the efficacy of our efforts. We must first of all be trustworthy, be dedicated to our undertakings, be sincere in dealing with people, and say what we mean and mean what we say to make people more responsive to our undertakings and expand the impact of our efforts. We should work to make our words resonate with others, promote identity with our point of view, be good at finding common ground, focus on key issues and seek identity with our point of view on both a rational and emotional level. We must ignite people’s passion and develop potential by appealing to people’s emotions while also appealing to their intellect to turn potential into real power directed at furthering the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

(From Qiushi in Chinese, No. 3, 2010)

Note: Author: Vice Chairperson of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee  

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