Publication of New Chinese Editions of Works of Marx and Engels and Lenin’s Works on Specific Topics

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 A 10-volume Chinese edition of the Selected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels and a 5-volume edition of the Selected Essays of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin compiled by the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau were published in December 2009 by the state-owned People’s Publishing House.

 The translation and compilation of these two Marxist classics was a major part of the “Project to Enhance Theoretical Study of Marxism” launched by the CPC Central Committee. It is aimed at furnishing ever more authentic and comprehensive Marxist classics of a fundamental nature for further deepened study and comprehension of Marxist theory, a project designed to meet the new needs of arming the ranks of the Chinese Communists and educating the Chinese people in the theory system on the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new epoch.

 Selected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels contains a total of 6.4 million Chinese characters, including 4.8 million characters in the main texts and 1.6 million characters in the notes and other background information. Selected Essays of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin contains a total of 1.5 million characters, including 1.2 million characters in the main texts and 300 thousand characters in the notes and other background information. Compared with other works of Marx and Lenin published in China, these two works are more modern, practical and have more innovative features.

 Description of Selected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

 1. Selection of articles has been made with great care and covers a wide range of themes. These volumes include a fairly comprehensive description of the ideological system of these classic Marxist writers while at the same time reflect the up-to-date nature of Marxist theory. Representative works of Marx and Engels were carefully selected from every period of development. The included works cover Marxist philosophy, political economics and scientific socialism as well as important theories of these founders of Marxist theory on politics, law, history, education, journalism, science and technology, literature and the arts, military affairs, ethnic minority groups and religions. 

 2. The novel style and concise structure of this edition reflect the development process employed by these Marxist classic writers in creating their theories and make clear the important position of these essays among the Marxist classics. For the first time the works are arranged chronologically and the most important articles are separately published in this new edition. Volume I contains writings from the period when the concept of Marxism was first taking form. Volume II includes works written around the time of the European Revolution of 1848. Volume III includes works written between the founding of the First International to the death of Marx. Volume IV is a selection of Engels’ works written after Marx’s death. Volumes V, VI and VII contain the full text of Das Capital. Volume VIII contains a selection of Marx’s manuscript edition of Das Capital. Volume IX contains Engels’Anti-Duhring and Dialectics of Nature and Volume X is a collection of letters. This grouping best presents the historical development of the basic theory of Marxism while also highlighting the important position of major works in the scientific system of Marxism such as Das Capital and Anti-Duhring.

 3. The translations in this edition have been carefully checked for accuracy and corrected where necessary to ensure that all proper names were translated consistently, that the translations were all accurate and that the text was fully readable. The compilers have chosen the most authoritative and reliable foreign editions as their sources, taken advantage of the latest results of research at home and abroad and taken into account constructive suggestions from theoreticians. The translations have been carefully checked word by word and sentence by sentence to ensure faithfulness and fluency. 

 4. A comprehensive range of references have been provided to meet the demands of scholars by providing the necessary supplementary materials for those who wish to study and research Marxism and providing a guide for scholars wishing to fully understand the essence of Marxist theory. Each volume contains endnotes and indices for names of people, titles of articles and items. Volume X also contains chronologies of the lives of Marx and Engels. All of the notes and indices have been checked carefully and revised on the basis of the latest results of research carried out by Chinese and foreign researchers to ensure that the contents are detailed and accurate. All of the works in the collection have notes for the title that concisely describe the principal views contained in each piece for the convenience of readers. In addition, the note in each volume concerning the composition and publication of each work includes notes on the Chinese translations of the major essays to help readers understand and further study how these works were disseminated in China. 

 Description of Selected Essays of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

 1. A totally new approach has been taken and a new structure for the framework has been adopted for this five-volume edition of Lenin’s works. The five volumes are grouped by theme, i.e., “On Marxism,” “Dialectic Materialism and Historical Materialism,” “On Capitalism,” “On Socialism” and “On Proletarian Parties.” This overall structure of five special themes reflects both the need to present Leninism in a systematic manner and the need to arm Communists with Marxist theory in this new epoch. In other words it highlights Lenin’s efforts and contributions in upholding and developing Marxism while also taking into consideration that Chinese cadres need to study the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

 2. This collection features a novel style and the works have been carefully chosen. Each volume contains full texts of classic articles as well as extracts of important essays. The set contains 115 of the most representative writings of Lenin selected from the 60-volume Chinese edition of the Collected Works of Lenin published by the People’s Publishing House, plus an additional section called, “Selected Summaries of Major Works,” not included in this 5-volume set. This approach enables this collection to reflect the integrity and systematic nature of Lenin’s important theoretical work in a concise edition.

 3. This collection provides a rich store of information in the notes compiled in an innovative way. Each volume contains detailed endnotes and indices. The compilers have also a foreword and abstract at the beginning of each article to help readers better understand the essence of Lenin’s writings and his important views.

Note: Author: Director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau

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