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New law beefs up defense for suspects

A new law to further safeguard the rights of suspects in criminal cases will see an enhanced role for defense lawyers, a senior official said.

Experts say proposed environmental protection laws fail to protect

A draft law that will help determine the future of the environment in China has been slammed by experts and environmental campaigners, with some even saying the law looks like it has been written by polluting companies.

Legal aid helps most vulnerable among us

Migrant workers have become the main beneficiaries of a legal aid policy adopted last year, said a senior official from the Ministry of Justice.

Respecting and safeguarding human rights is added to the Criminal Procedure Law, indicating a significant step in China's rule of law

China's lawmakers are amending the nation's Criminal Procedure Law highlighted by the official inclusion of "respecting and safeguarding human rights" into its text.

Labor contract law needs to be amended

The Labor Contract Law should be amended to better regulate labor outsourcing, a practice that is overused and leads to inequality in the workplace, legislators said.

China adheres to limiting use of death penalty

China is committed to limiting the use of death penalty and has always been very prudent in using capital punishment, an official with the top legislature said Thursday.

China's top legislature to vote on draft amendment to Criminal Procedural Law

China's top legislature will vote on the draft decisions on amending the Criminal Procedural Law and the Law on Occupational Illness Prevention and Control at the end of its bimonthly session on Saturday.

China's local legislative election begins

More than 9 million voters in Beijing cast their ballot to elect about 15,000 new lawmakers at grassroots levels on Tuesday.

China weighs social security law for foreign workers

Recently, China officially implemented the Interim Measures for Social Insurance System Coverage of Foreigners Working within the Territory of China.


Chinese premier urges China, Africa to enhance media cooperation