Speech at a Ceremony Marking the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Liberation Army

By: Xi JinpingFrom:English Edition of Qiushi Journal October-December 2017|Vol.9,No.4,Issue No.33 | Updated: 2017-Nov-28 15:50
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Today, we are gathered here to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, to review the glorious journey of the people’s army under the leadership of the Communist Party of China ‭(‬CPC), and to survey the bright prospects for national defense and military modernization. This celebration is to rouse the entire Party, the entire army, and the entire Chinese nation to continue striving, and to gather our enormous energy towards building a strong nation and army, so that together we can make sustained efforts for realizing the “Two Centenary Goals” and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.



Ninety years ago, our country was reduced to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, in which the Chinese nation endured profound suffering from being impoverished and weakened, and from relentless foreign invasion and domestic turmoil. The Chinese people were in tragic circumstances, going without food and shelter and without any means of livelihood. To gain national independence and emancipate the people, and to topple the “three great mountains” of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism, the CPC and the Chinese people underwent indomitable and arduous struggle.

However, just as the revolution was spreading like wildfire, the Kuomintang reactionaries betrayed the revolution and the people, raising a bloody knife against CPC members and revolutionaries. All of a sudden, the whole nation was engulfed in merciless carnage; the CPC inflicted grievous losses, and the revolution was hanging by a thread. Through bitter struggles and lessons paid for in blood, the CPC came to the realization that without armed revolution we would never defeat the armed reactionaries, we would never shoulder the task of leading the revolution in China, we would never secure victory for the revolution, and we would never transform the lot of the Chinese people and nation.

President Xi Jinping, also General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission, delivers a speech at a ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army. The ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, August 1, 2017. PHOTO BY XINHUA REPORTER JU PENG

On August 1, 1927, a gunshot rang out in Nanchang, marking the start of our Party’s armed resistance against the Kuomintang reactionaries. This event is of great historical importance for the CPC, for China’s revolution, and indeed for the Chinese nation.

The gunshot in Nanchang was like a lightning bolt tearing through the dark sky, illuminating the night so the Chinese people, who had until then been kept in darkness and living in adversity, could see hope in revolution and find the means to rise up. The Nanchang Uprising, the Autumn Harvest Uprising, the Guangzhou Uprising, and the military uprisings in many other areas signified the beginning of the sole leadership of the CPC in the war of revolution and the founding of a people’s army, marking a new epoch in China’s revolution.

From that time, the people’s army, led by the CPC, valiantly devoted itself to the historical cause of seeking liberation and happiness for the people and independence and rejuvenation of our nation, thus closely intertwining its mission with that of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.

For 90 years, the people’s army has battled through flame and gun smoke, navigated tough terrain, made great sacrifices, and attained victory after glorious victory, thus yielding a great meritorious service for the CPC and the people.

– Its meritorious service is reflected in its 22 years of armed struggle under the leadership of the CPC. The heroic people’s army, with its indomitable spirit, dauntless will for revolution, flexible military strategies and tactics, and tenacious style of combat, has overcome countless unimaginable hardships, defeated extraordinarily ferocious enemies from abroad and within, winning victories in the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, and the War of Liberation, and toppling the “three great mountains” pressing down on the Chinese people. Many officers and men laid down their lives to build a solid foundation for the new China, in which the people are masters of their own country, completely reversing the disadvantageous state of China’s backwardness and vulnerability.

– Its meritorious service is reflected in its dedication to the socialist revolution and development. The heroic people’s army has fulfilled its duty of safeguarding the nation and the people to ensure they can live and work in peace. It triumphantly helped win the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea and successfully defended our borders on many occasions, laid bare our national strength and military might, and defended our motherland’s lengthy land borders and extensive maritime territory. Its successes provided a strong backing for consolidating the newly created people’s government, boosting China’s status to that of a major country, and safeguarding the dignity of the Chinese nation.

– Its meritorious service is reflected in its dedication to the great new revolution of reform and opening up. The heroic people’s army has provided strong service and assurances for overall national reform, development, and stability. It has lawfully performed its defensive duties in Hong Kong and Macao, effectively handled all manner of threats to national security, and thwarted separatist activities in all their forms. It has participated in international military exchanges and cooperation as well as UN peacekeeping operations. Its efforts offer formidable support that upholds CPC leadership and our socialist system, ensures our national sovereignty, security, and development interests, safeguards this important period of strategic opportunity for our national development, and defends regional and world peace.

Along its journey, the people’s army has kept in close step with developments in the cause of the CPC and the people. It grows amidst combat, it innovates on the basis of past achievements, and it progresses as it develops itself. As it becomes increasingly revolutionary, modernized, and regulated, its capabilities at deterrence and actual combat also improve. The people’s army has grown from a single-service force into one with multiple branches of service, and from an under-equipped force to a highly mechanized one that is rapidly developing its capabilities in information technology.



For 90 years, our nation and our people have risen up despite setbacks, and have emerged in glory despite suffering. Having encountered unprecedented changes, we have made a great leap from being independent to being prosperous and strong. This embodies the victory of the CPC’s strong leadership, the victory of the Chinese people in their tireless struggle, and the victory of the fearless people’s army.

At this glorious and solemn moment, let us cherish the memory of those who founded and fostered the people’s army: Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, and Deng Xiaoping, along with Peng Dehuai, Liu Bocheng, He Long, Chen Yi, Luo Ronghuan, Xu Xiangqian, Nie Rongzhen, and Ye Jianying. The monumental achievements of these outstanding revolutionaries and military strategists will forever be recorded in the annals of the Chinese nation!

At this glorious and solemn moment, let us deeply cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs of the people’s army who sacrificed their lives for the causes of the liberation of the Chinese people and the development of socialism. Their sacrifice and dedication will forever be remembered by the Chinese people!

On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission, I extend best wishes for Army Day to all officers and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, officers and soldiers of the People’s Armed Police, and men and women of the reserve service and militia who, in assuming their post, work to protect and build our country. I extend sincere respects to the retired veterans of the people’s army who have made a great contribution to our country’s revolution, development, and reform. I extend sincere gratitude to the veterans, and sympathies to the soldiers left with disabilities and to the families of those sacrificed. I extend heartfelt gratitude to the scientists, engineering technicians, and to the vast numbers of officials and staff members who put in tremendous efforts at the frontline of our national defense industry. Finally, I extend tribute to the people of all ethnic groups who have long shown concern and support for the development of the People’s Liberation Army.



For 90 years, and over a protracted period of praxis, the people’s army has advanced under the aegis of the Communist Party of China. Thus the people’s army has formed a complete set of principles for developing and governing the army, devised strategies and tactics for people’s war, and cultivated its own unique honorific tradition and exemplary conduct. This is the heritage carried on by the people’s army as it advances from victory to victory, and it is the revolutionary legacy that the people’s army will never forget.

– The people’s army has advanced from victory to victory, showing forth the great power of the leadership of the CPC. Comrade Mao Zedong once noted, “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.” The fundamental principle and system that establish CPC absolute leadership over the army had their beginnings following the Nanchang Uprising. Their foundation was laid after a military reorganization at Sanwan, and they were finalized after the Gutian Conference; they imbue the army with unique political traits and fundamental superiority which set it apart from previous armies. A myriad of revolutionary officers and soldiers vowed to follow the Party and execute its orders, thus forging an unbreakable, incorruptible, and invincible army which rises up amidst frustrations and advances bravely through privation. On the long and arduous road of revolution, the sentence our officers and soldiers spoke most often was: “As long as we follow the Party, victory is assured.” Such loyalty formed the utter devotion of the people’s army to the Party, it formed the closeness between the army and the people, and it formed the staunch determination of the army to fight valiantly for the Party and the people.

History informs us that “the Party commands the gun” is a basic guarantee to ensure the people’s army maintains its essential nature and its aim. This is an irrefutable truth that arose from the Party’s fierce and bloody struggles. With the CPC, and with its staunch leadership, the people’s army will be able to advance with focus and with strength. On the road ahead, the people’s army must absolutely and unremittingly follow the leadership of the Party, taking this leadership as its soul and lifeblood, so that at any time and under any circumstances it rallies where the Party rallies, it takes the direction the Party takes, and treats the Party’s will as its own.

– The people’s army has advanced from victory to victory, showing forth the great strength of ideals and beliefs. Noble ideals and steadfast beliefs are the political soul of the members of the CPC, and they also provide moral support for the people’s army. Comrade Deng Xiaoping once noted, “How was it that we were able to survive untold hardships, overcome the most difficult and dangerous conditions and bring the revolution to victory? It was precisely because we had ideals and a belief in Marxism and communism.” Through the extraordinarily formidable fighting in the Jinggang Mountains to the most difficult and dangerous conditions of the Long March; through the thick smoke of battle during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression to the sweeping devastation of the War of Liberation; from its valiant work in resolutely defending our national sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity to its tenacious efforts in rescue and relief work and in safeguarding the people’s lives and property; from its unselfish contributions to supporting national economic and social development to its concrete actions towards safeguarding regional and world peace, noble ideals and beliefs shine out like a beacon, guiding the people’s army along its march forward.

History informs us that revolutionary ideals rise above all else. The key reason the people’s army is able to overcome hardships, be invincible, and grow in strength is that it is armed with the theories of Marxism, it has noble ideals and beliefs, and it willingly and heroically devotes itself to the pursuit of these noble ideals and beliefs. Noble ideals and beliefs imbue the people’s army with the inner strength to courageously march forward; they are a blazing torch vigorously burning inside the hearts and minds of all officers and soldiers. On the road ahead, the people’s army must commit to upholding noble ideals and beliefs, so that at all times and under any circumstances it will bravely risk everything in defense of noble ideals and beliefs.

– The people’s army has advanced from victory to victory, showing forth the great strength of reform and innovation. The history of the growth and development of the people’s army is a history of reform and innovation. During the Agrarian Revolutionary War, a complete range of principles and rules for founding the army were put in place; during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, a policy of “better troops and simpler administration” was implemented; during the War of Liberation, the “Five Field Armies” were established; and after the People’s Republic of China was founded, the organization of military administration and staffing was restructured on many occasions, reforming in the midst of battle, developing through reform, and becoming stronger with each reform. From the “16-character formula” of military principles of the Red Army period to the “protracted war” of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression; from the “ten major principles of operation” of the War of Liberation to the “divide and conquer” policies of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea; and continuing on to the constant readjustment of military strategies following the founding of the People’s Republic of China – the people’s army has learned about battle from battle itself and has learned the rules governing practice from practice itself, writing an engaging chapter on directing continued innovation of military skills into the annals of world military history.

History informs us that reform, innovation, and constant renewal form the most propitious path for developing the people’s army. The strength and success of the people’s army stem from reform and innovation; it is only through constant reform and innovation that we continuously receive the vitality to boost our development and progress, and that we permanently place ourselves in an unassailable position. On the road ahead, the people’s army must be bold in reform and adept in innovation, so that at all times and under any circumstances they will not become ossified or stagnant.

– The people’s army has advanced from victory to victory, showing forth the great strength of fighting spirit. Daring to fight, and daring to win; fearing neither hardship nor death – these expressions vividly portray the courage and upright nature of the people’s army. Countless groups of heroes and revolutionary martyrs, such as the “Five Heroes of Mount Langya,” the “Bayonet Company of Heroes,” the “Liulaozhuang Company of Heroes,” along with Dong Cunrui, Qiu Shaoyun and Huang Jiguang, put their lives on the line to demonstrate their indomitable heroic spirit. In a battlefield, under a hail of bullets and surrounded by insufferably arrogant and formidable foes, the people’s army issued its heroic declaration of three things never to be believed: as far as revolutionary soldiers are concerned, one should never believe that there is a mission that cannot be accomplished, a difficulty that cannot be surmounted, or an enemy that cannot be vanquished. Its fighting spirit is characterized by heroism and tenacity, willingness to face death without fear, and the ability to fight to the bitter end, earning the people’s army the confidence of the Party, praise of the people, and respect from the world over.

History informs us that war is not just a trial of physical strength, but also a test of spirit. Regardless of how good an army’s weaponry is, without tenacity of will and without the character of brave self-sacrifice, victory cannot be assured. Generation upon generation of revolutionary soldiers have heroically stayed resolute and fearless in the face of death, forming a mighty spirit that enables them to overcome any enemy without submitting to them. On the road ahead, the people’s army must exhibit a brave and invincible fighting spirit, so that at all times and under any circumstances, it maintains the high-spirited will to fight characteristic of revolutionary heroism.

– The people’s army has advanced from victory to victory, showing forth the great strength of revolutionary discipline. The people’s army is world-renowned for its strict discipline; from the very day it was founded, it has brought together revolutionary determinedness, political consciousness, and disciplinary inviolability. This has served to unify its will, its conduct, and its action, so that its mighty force will act on command and refrain from proscribed actions, being like a ferocious tiger when in attack, and like an insuperable mountain when in defense. It is precisely because the officers and soldiers have revolutionary discipline built on a foundation of high political consciousness, that, even if they were freezing and starving, they would never take anything from the people; even if flames were ravaging their body, they would stand firm until their lives were extinguished; even if they were faced with inescapable danger, they would hold their position, and ardently fight to the death. The people’s army is a highly unified military that will forever preserve its formidable integrity and combat capability.

History informs us that all revolutions are won with strengthened discipline. The strength of an army is measured neither by its size nor its weaponry alone; its discipline must also be taken into consideration. An army without discipline is nothing but an unruly mob. On the road ahead, the people’s army must be as though it were wrought of iron by using firm discipline to steel its will, temper its conduct, and forge its troops, so that at all times and under any circumstances it acts as ordered and marches forward as one.

– The people’s army has advanced from victory to victory, showing forth the great strength in the unity between the army and the people. The people’s army draws its breath, shares its mission, and as is linked heart and mind with the people, and fights to the end for the people. The people’s army goes wherever there are enemies, and wherever there is danger. Whoever shows concern for the people, the people will likewise show concern for them. As the popular wartime ballad goes, “Use the last bowl of rice for army provisions, the last inch of cloth for military uniforms, the last cotton-quilted jacket to cover a stretcher, and send the last of your kin to join the army.” This widely sung wartime folk song is a vivid embodiment of the unity between the army and the people.

History informs us that with the sentiment, the will, and the strength of the people, the people’s army will never be defeated; it will be invincible. Provided the people’s army forever stands with the people, and has earned the wholehearted support of the overwhelming majority of the people, it will become an impregnable fortress whose strength lies in its unity. On the road ahead, the people’s army must firmly bear in mind the fundamental principle of wholeheartedly serving the people, so that at any time and under any circumstances it is truly the army of the people.



The glorious history of the people’s army was forged in blood, and thus it merits our remembrance. The experiences of the people’s army were gleaned through arduous inquiry, and thus we must forever carry them forward. The development of the people’s army was driven by its loyal undertakings, and thus it impels us ever onwards.

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012, with a view to realize the “Two Centenary Goals” as well as the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, we proposed building a people’s army that follows the command of the CPC, is victorious in battle, and shows exemplary conduct – that is to say the CPC’s goal of building strong armed forces under new conditions – which is guided by innovative military strategy that evolves with the times and formulates its military strategies under new conditions. At the All-Army Conference on Political Work held in Gutian, we emphatically strengthened the military politically, so as to resolutely work to improve Party conduct, build a clean government, and fight corruption. We moved ahead with deepening reform of national defense and the military, and restructured the military framework so that the Central Military Commission assumes overall management over military affairs, theater commands focus efforts on military operations, and services are responsible for enhancing their own military strength, so as to realize a complete remodeling of the organizational structure of the people’s army. This marks a historically important stride forward for structuring a military force with Chinese characteristics, and thus the people’s army is renewed in terms of its system, structure, setup, and appearance. Thus, we now direct the army strictly and in accordance with the law without exception, and drive fundamentally important changes in the means of directing the army. We now maintain the only basic criterion of combat capability, thoroughly promote troop training and battle readiness, and are determined to defend our national sovereignty and maritime rights. Finally, we now go further in implementing the new development principles, with a particular emphasis on focused combat, innovative drives, system development, intensity and efficacy, and military-civilian integration, thus continually improving the quality and efficacy of the people’s army. Through five years’ of efforts, the people’s army has remolded its political environment, organizational form, systemic strength, and its manner of conduct. Once remolded, the army sets out again, taking steadfast strides along the path of a strong military with Chinese characteristics.



The wheels of history roll ever forward. In today’s world, the international environment is experiencing unprecedented changes; in today’s China, socialism with Chinese characteristics is moving fully ahead. Having a firm foundation and unparalleled confidence, we are facing a rare opportunity for realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. Meanwhile, we must stay sober in observing that the road ahead will not always be smooth, that we will inevitably face all kinds of major challenges, risks, obstacles, and hindrances, and as such there will inevitably be many new and unique great struggles ahead.

As we stand at a new point in history, we feel ever more deeply that the escape of the Chinese nation from suffering and its liberation are both due to one heroic army of the people; thus for the Chinese people to realize national rejuvenation and happiness in their lives, we must expedite the development of the people’s army into a world-class military. We must stay true to the cause and continue ever onward, resolutely keep to the path of a strong military with Chinese characteristics, and continually move ahead with the task of strengthening the military.

– In order to strengthen the military, we must not waver from the principle of the absolute leadership of the Party over the military, and ensure that the people’s army will always follow the Party. CPC leadership is the basic guarantee of the cohesive, centripetal, creative, and combative capabilities maintained by the people’s army. The absolute leadership of the Party over the military is an intrinsic trait of socialism with Chinese characteristics which provides an important political advantage for the Party and the country; the people’s army was founded on the basis of the Party’s leadership, and it is strengthened in the spirit of the Party’s leadership. Regardless of how time may evolve, or how circumstances may change, our military will always be the army of the Party, and it will always be the army of the people. The entire army must enhance its awareness of political integrity, the bigger picture, the CPC Central Committee as the core of the Chinese leadership, and the need to act consistently with the Central Committee’s policy. The entire army must also safeguard the authority of the Central Committee, firmly implement the fundamental principle and system of the Party’s absolute leadership over the army, so that it resolutely follows the commands of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission. On this weighty issue of principles, we must maintain a clear mind, an unequivocal attitude, and steadfast actions, and we cannot brook any vacillation, hesitation, or delay.

– In order to strengthen the military, we must uphold and develop the Party’s theories of military command to continuously open new frontiers in improving Marxist military theory and China’s military practice. It is precisely because the people’s army always follows the guidance by advanced military theory that it is able to continually grow in strength. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, our Party has raised a series of new ideas, viewpoints, affirmations, and requirements regarding national defense and military development which have formed the Party’s thought on strengthening the army in the new era. The entire army must earnestly implement the Party’s theories of military command and persist in using the Party’s thought on strengthening the army in the new era to arm its rank and file, so as to usher in continued progress in strengthening the army. There is no end to improving practices, no end to seeking truths, and no end to theoretical innovations. Strengthening the army is a fiercely pioneering undertaking which requires us to continually adapt to new circumstances, meet new challenges, and resolve new problems; we must be boldly inquisitive in our practices and make courageous breakthroughs in our theories so that we enrich and develop the Party’s thought on strengthening the army in the new era. In this way, Marxist military theory will radiate rays of truth ever more resplendent through the mighty practices of a strong army.

– In order to strengthen the army, we must at all times focus on battle readiness, so as to forge a powerful army that comes when it is called, is ready for battle when it comes, and is victorious in battle. In times of peace we cannot forget war; in times of order, we cannot forget disorder. Our choices of the means for defending peace, upholding security, and deterring war are manifold, but in the final analysis, military means are always there as the last resort. The people’s army will forever be a fighting force; its vitality lies in its combat capability. Thus it must always strengthen its awareness of potential threats and persist in considering the worst case scenario, keeping all thoughts focused as though in battle, and exerting itself in all tasks as though in war, so as to guarantee that, when the time comes that the Party or the people are in need, it will be ready, it will take action, and it will win. The entire army must carry out military strategies under new circumstances, earnestly study military affairs, warfare, and combat, and gain a firm understanding of the laws governing modern warfare and military command, so as to be firmly prepared for all tasks entailed in military combat. The people’s army must train in accordance with how wars are actually fought, diligently train for whatever battle requires, and be able to solve whatever problems may arise, thus improving its overall level of readiness for actual combat. The Chinese people cherish peace, and never engage in acts of aggression or expansion, however, we are always confident that we will be victorious over any acts of aggression. We will never allow any person, organization, or political party at any time or in any form, to attempt to separate any part of Chinese territory, and nor shall anyone expect that we will brook any attempt to compromise our national sovereignty, security, or development interests. The people’s army will firmly uphold CPC leadership and our country’s socialist system, safeguard our national sovereignty, security and development interests, and uphold regional and world peace.

– In order to strengthen the army, we must commit to developing it through political work, strengthening it through reform, revitalizing it through science and technology, and governing it according to law, so as to raise the level of modernization of national defense and the military across the board. We must thoroughly implement the guidelines of the Gutian All-Army Conference on Political Work, eliciting the role of political work as a lifeline that will cultivate a new generation of revolutionary troops that have spirit, ability, courage, and moral character; a tough army with steely beliefs, convictions, discipline, and commitment, and that forever preserves the character, purpose, and essence of the people’s army. The entire army must be resolute in deepening reform of national defense and the military, so that it thoroughly resolves systemic obstructions, structural incongruities, and policy issues that are constraining improvements in national defense and the military. At the same time, it must improve and develop the socialist military system with Chinese characteristics, and accelerate steps to boost a strong modern military framework with Chinese characteristics that is capable of winning IT-based warfare and can effectively fulfill its designated missions. It must also fully implement the strategy to revitalize the army through science and technology, adhere to the cardinal strategy of independent innovation, aim to be at the forefront of global military technology, improve its foresightedness, hasten the development of strategic, cutting-edge, and disruptive technologies, and continually improve the contributions that advanced technology and innovation make to developing the people’s army and combat capability. Finally, the entire army must increase its awareness of the rule of law, and quickly build a distinctly Chinese military system which is governed by the rule of law, so as to achieve fundamental transformation in the way the military is governed.

– In order to strengthen the army, we must push for further military-civilian integration to build a national strategic system and capability that integrates the military and civilian sectors. Elevating military-civilian integration to the level of national strategic significance is the important conclusion derived from the Party’s lengthy period of inquiry into the laws governing the coordinated development of the economy and national defense, it is an important policy that takes into consideration the bigger picture surrounding both national development and security, and it is an important measure for handling complex security threats and capitalizing on our national strategic advantages. Regarding military-civilian integration, we need to consolidate top level design, boost integration of different needs, plan for further integration on progress already made, and simultaneously drive the reform of institutions and mechanisms, the convergence of systems and factors, and the development of rules and standards. By doing so, we will form a multi-factor, multi-domain, and highly-effective developmental layout for the deep integration of the military and civilian sectors, and work hard to make new progress in the coordinated, balanced, and compatible development of the economy and national defense. Our national defense is the national defense of the entire people, thus modernizing national defense and the military is an undertaking shared by the whole Party and the whole nation. Departments of the CPC central committee and the central government, as well as Party committees and governments at all local levels must strengthen their awareness of national defense and ardently support the development and reform of national defense and the military, so as to create desirable conditions and provide strong support for strengthening the army.

– In order to strengthen the army, we must remain committed to the fundamental principle of wholeheartedly serving the people, forever being an army that has the trust, support, and love of the people. When the army is fighting a war, the people provide its backing. The very essence of the people’s army is derived from the people; the mighty strength of people’s war lies in the mighty strength of the people. The entire army must always hold the people in its heart, and keep in mind its sacred duty to bear arms and fight for the people, and to ensure that the people can live and work in peace. The entire army must carry forward the fine tradition of staying in close touch with the people, maintaining a relationship with the people based on complete harmony and standing together through the good times and the bad, and always being a defender of the rights and interests of the people. We need to actively participate in and support the development of local economies, and bravely undertake urgent and risky tasks, taking concrete actions to bring benefit and prosperity to the people. Unity between the government and the armed forces and between the people and the armed forces is a unique political advantage held by our Party and our army. The entire Party, the entire army, and the entire nation must vigorously carry forward the glorious tradition in which the army takes care of the people while the people support the army, and continually develop a union between the government and the army and between the people and the army that is as solid as a rock.



China will always, as ever before, be a promoter of world peace, contributor to global development, and upholder of the international order, and hence the Chinese army will always be a staunch force in keeping world peace. The Chinese army will always, as always, open up international military exchanges and cooperation, respond multilaterally to global security challenges, and actively perform the duties and responsibilities in accordance with China’s international status, so as to positively contribute its strength towards building a community of shared future for humanity.



After 90 years of arduous exploration, after 90 years of continued struggle, never before has our cause been as great, our task as formidable, or our future as bright. The entire Party, the entire army, and the entire nation must move forward with one heart and mind, and while in the midst of practicing socialism with Chinese characteristics, continue to write ever more glorious chapters into the history of their strong nation and strong army, continuing to create new brilliant achievements that will stand the test of time, both past and present!

(Originally appeared in Qiushi Journal, Chinese edition, No.15, 2017)