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Founded on October 1, 2009, Qiushi Journal (English Edition) is a periodical on China’s governance and perspectives targeted at foreign readers, which is run by Qiushi Journal Press. By selecting and translating important articles from the Chinese edition of Qiushi Journal and other mainstream media in China, the English edition of Qiushi Journal explains in detail China’s theories, guidelines, principles, policies and their background, as well as the experiences and lessons from China’s reform and opening up drive. Therefore, it serves as a platform for authoritative interpretations of the governing philosophy and strategies with which the CPC and the Chinese government run the country; a top communication channel for publicizing China’s development theory, path and model; and an important window for political and academic circles and the people of other countries to learn about and study Chinese affairs. With Chinese officials of high ranks and famous scholars as its authors, the English edition of Qiushi Journal is able to reflect theoretical innovations and interpret policies in China in a timely and accurate manner.

Its columns include China’s Path, China’s Theory, China’s Systems, China’s Values, China’s Policy, China’s Defense, China’s Peaceful Development, China’s Experience, Cross-Straits Relations.

As a quarterly periodical, the English edition of Qiushi Journal is published in January, April, July and October.


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